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本校(KIHS)の成績・教務システムはアメリカのシステムに準じています。成績評価・通知表<Grade Report>はアメリカの中等教育学校と同じように以下の評価で保護者に通知されます。生徒の皆さんは成績向上を目指して学習に取り組んでください。なお、英文訳は日本語の後に記しています。


 関西外語専門学校 国際高等課程(K.I.H.S.)は、3年制の学校で、年間2学期(前期・後期)制で授業を行います。成績評価は次の5つのアルファベットを用い、13段階で表示します。

+= ( 100-97% )
= ( 96-94% )
-= ( 94-90% )
+= ( 89-87% )
B= ( 86-84% )
-= ( 83-80% )
+= ( 79-77% )
C= ( 76-74% )
-= ( 73-70% )
+= ( 69-67% )
D= ( 66-64% )
-= ( 63-60% )
落第 F= ( 59-0% )


 学期末成績は、各生徒の学習到達度をはかる記録として、各学期の終わりに保護者と生徒に、成績表(Grade Report)という形で渡されます。



A.Academic Evaluation and Credit

K.I.H.S., a three-year senior high school, operates on a two-term academic year. Academic evaluation and credits will be based on a letter grade system, based on performance percentages as follows:

Excellent += ( 100-97% )
= ( 96-94% )
-= ( 94-90% )
Good += ( 89-87% )
B= ( 86-84% )
-= ( 83-80% )
Fair += ( 79-77% )
C= ( 76-74% )
-= ( 73-70% )
Passing += ( 69-67% )
D= ( 66-64% )
-= ( 63-60% )
Failure F= ( 59-0% )

Grades will be based upon class quizzes, homework, class participation, semester exams and other factors as determined by the classroom teacher.

Grades for each subject will be a record of the student’s achievement and will be reported to the student and parents at the end of each term.

At the conclusion of the academic year, the two term grades for each subject will be combined and recorded as the final grade.

In addition, interim reports will be issued in both of the semesters.

B. 学業に関する表彰


学年末の最終評価で全科目の平均評定A-(90%)以上で学習姿勢・生活態度が模範的な生徒は、優等賞が与えられます。平均評定A(94%)以上の場合は、校長賞として ”Principal’s List” に載せられ、卒業式に表彰されます。



B. Academic Achievement Awards


Students with exemplary attitude achieving a grade point average (GPA) of A- ( 90% ) or above for the year will be acknowledged by being placed on the Honor Role. Those students achieving an A ( 94% ) grade point average or above for the year will be acknowledged by being included on the Principal’s List.

2.Class Performance Awards

Awards will be given annually for each class; the best with exemplary attitude for scholastic excellence (if there is any student that receives the honor mentioned above, the second best will be the candidate.), one or a few with exemplary attitude for best effort, these will be presented at the graduation ceremony in March.







評価項目 授業出席 授業参加度 小テスト・課題など 宿題提出物など 平常点
点数 0~10 0~20 0~30 0~30
基準A 0~20 0~30 40
基準B 0~30 0~30 50
基準C 0~30 0~30 60




成績算出対象期間 中間試験 期末試験 期末成績
前期(4月1日~9月30日) ③ 【(①+②)÷2】
後期(10月1日~3月中旬) ⑥ 【(④+⑤)÷2】

※1 前期・後期とも中間試験【選択科目を除く】があります。中間試験終了時に配布(送付)する成績表(Grade Report)①④の評価においても、試験点だけではなく平常点を加えた評価となっております。

※2 前期末の成績が40点未満の場合【追試(前期末追試)を実施します】


学年末成績は次の通り計算します。学年末成績 =(前期の成績③ + 後期の成績⑥) ÷ 2

※1 学年末追試(3月上旬に実施)で単位認定した場合は、学年末成績を改訂して60点(D-)とする。

※2 学年末成績が60点の場合、61点(D-)に書きかえる(追試による単位認定と区別するため)。




点数による評価 成績表への記載 調査書への記載
100 ~ 84 + ~ B
83 ~ 70 - ~ C-
69 ~ 61 + ~ D-
60 -


Overview on the Grade Calculation Procedure

The procedure on how to calculate grades is written in the student handbook on page 24 to 26, where there is the description on added rules concerning academic learning. The passage below is an overview.

1.The Two Parts of Grades

K.I.H.S. grade assessment has the following two parts:
1) regular classwork grade (assessment on everyday classwork)
2) exam score (scores taken on the mid-term and end-of-term examinations)

2.The Definition of Regular Classwork Grade and Calculation Procedure

Everyday class work will be assessed for grading. Regular classwork is assessed on how the student performs on his or her everyday classwork. It includes attendance, class participation, quizzes, homework submission, etc. Each teacher will choose in advance what the assessed items are and its standard based on the following regular classwork grade calculation chart and grade each student.

Grading item Attendance Class
Quizzes and
submission etc.
Total regular
classwork grade
Points 0~10 0~20 0~30 0~30
Standard A 0~20 0~30 40
Standard B 0~30 0~30 50
Standard C 0~30 0~30 60

Each teacher will consider features of their subject and choose one of the three standards. For example, if standard A is chosen, the total classwork grade will be 40, making the examination score 60.

3.Mid-Term and End-Term Grades

Grades will be calculated according to the following procedure:

Period subject to grading Mid-term grade End-term grade Final grade
Spring term
(April 1st to September 30th)
③ 【(①+②)÷2】
Autumn term
(October 1st to mid-March)
⑥ 【(④+⑤)÷2】

※1 Each subject (except for elective course) has a mid-term examination during the spring and autumn term. The results of ① and ④ shown on the grade report that is to be sent to their guardians after the mid-term examination will not only reflect the assessment grade of the examination score but the regular classwork grade as well.

※2 If the spring term grade is below 40 , a make-up examination (in other words: spring term make-up examination) will be conducted.

4.End-of-the-Year Grade Calculation Procedure

The final grade will be calculated as below and will be sent to the student’s guardians at the end of March.

The final grade = (spring term grade ③+autumn term grade ⑥) ÷ 2

※1 If a credit is certified by the end-of-the term make-up examination (conducted during the beginning of March), its final grade will be changed to 60 (D-).

※2 If a subject’s final grade is 60, its grade will be rewritten as 61 (D-) to differentiate it with being a subject that has been certified by a make-up examination.

5.Grade Inscription on the Official Transcripts

Grades written on the official transcripts that are submitted to universities to apply for university entrance examinations will be shown as bellow.

Grade Assessment Comparison Chart (Please refer to the rules regarding academic learning in the student handbook.)

Grade according to
Grade written on
grade reports
Grade written on
official transcripts
100 ~ 84 + ~ B
83 ~ 70 - ~ C-
69 ~ 61 + ~ D-
60 -
below 60

GPA, grades, etc. on the official transcript submitted to establishments outside of this school will be shown on a five-grade evaluation. GPA will be calculated from the grades of all the subjects taken from the first year to the third year.

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