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時限 時間
SHR 9:00~9:10 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼
1 9:10~9:55 国語 ◎Speaking 地理 ◎英文法 ◎総合英語
2 10:05~10:50 世界史Ⅰ ◎Reading 国語 ◎Speaking ◎英文法
3 11:00~11:45 地理 ◎英文法 世界史Ⅰ ◎総合英語 ◎Speaking
4 11:55~12:40 Geography ◎英文読解 Geography ◎Reading Ecology
SHR 13:25~13:35 新聞 単語テスト 漢字 新聞 漢字
5 13:35~14:20 HR 日本史A 地理 国語 Geography
6 14:30~15:15 世界史Ⅰ 体育/韓国語Ⅰ 古典/書道 SpeakingⅠ 国語
7 15:25~16:10 課題 体育/韓国語Ⅰ 古典/書道 SpeakingⅠ 日本史A
  • *集中授業科目(火~木曜日)の午後に実施しています。最低2科目を履修した上で自由に選択できますが、
  • *外国人教員による授業
  • +英字 英語以外の教科を日本人の先生が英文教科書を使用して授業
  • +漢字 日本人の先生が日本語教科書を使用して授業
時限 時間
SHR 9:00~9:10 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼
1 9:10~9:55 国際理解 ◎英文法 政治経済 ◎Speaking ◎総合英語
2 10:05~10:50 World HistoryⅡ ◎英文読解 国語 ◎総合英語 ◎Speaking
3 11:00~11:45 Ecology ◎英文法 政治経済 ◎英文法 ◎英文読解
4 11:55~12:40 Global Studies ◎Speaking HR ◎Reading 国際理解
SHR 13:25~13:35 新聞 単語テスト 漢字 新聞 漢字
5 13:35~14:20 政治経済 Global Studies 国語 World HistoryⅡ 国語
6 14:30~15:15 国語 時事問題
SpeakingⅡ 国際理解
7 15:25~16:10 課題 時事問題
SpeakingⅡ Ecology
時限 時間
SHR 9:00~9:10 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼 朝礼
1 9:10~9:55 受験指導 ◎Reading/
受験指導 ◎文法・演習 ◎文法・演習
2 10:05~10:50 Environmental Sci. ◎Speaking 国語 ◎Roading/
3 11:00~11:45 国語 ◎総合英語 エリア・スタディ ◎Speaking ◎Speaking
4 11:55~12:40 HR ◎文法・演習 国語 ◎文法・演習 Civics
SHR 13:25~13:35 新聞 単語テスト 漢字 新聞 漢字
5 13:35~14:20 現代社会 国際関係 現代社会 Civics 国語
6 14:30~15:15 エリア・スタディ 受験現代文/美術 心理学入門/体育 受験英語/
Environmental Sci.
7 15:25~16:10 課題 受験現代文/美術 心理学入門/体育 受験英語/

English Course Descriptions(英語で行う授業科目の概要)

We will explain some of the subjects which are taught in English;

Social Science(社会科)

「Geography(地理)」– 1st Year(1年)

This is a survey course of the world. Students learn to investigate different regions of the world through various aspects (political, physical, climate, population and resources). From North America to the Middle East, students gain a large understanding of the world around them.


「Global Studies(国際理解)」– 2nd Year(2年)

Global Studies introduces the students to the world in a more integrated way. Globalization, climate change, multinational industries, trade imbalances, and human rights are all issues that are debated in some detail during the course. The students will gain a better understand of the world’s problems and possible solutions.

「Global Studies(国際理解)」は、「Geography(地理)」をベースにトピックごとに世界で起こっている事象を学ぶ科目です。グローバリゼーション、気候変動、多国籍企業、自由貿易、人権について授業で取り上げ、詳細に議論します。世界の諸問題をより深く理解し、解決策を考えます。

「Civics(公民)」 – 3rd Year(3年)

This subject has a number of objectives. The first objective is to prepare our students for the seminal event at the Kansai Model United Nations. The students study the inner workings of the United Nations, its procedures and functions so that they can participate successively in the MUN event. Afterwards, the course peruses the development of human rights through recent history to give the students a solid grounding in the role of human affairs.


Science Courses(理科)

Ecology(エコロジー)-2nd Year(2年)

Ecology is the study of life on Earth. Students will learn to distinguish the different classifications of life. The course also includes a study of evolution – how species change and adapt over time. Pollution and its effects are also surveyed with special attention to the human impact on the environment.


Environmental Science(地球環境)-3rd Year(3年)

This course is an extension of Ecology and builds on its foundations. The planet and the environment in which life lives (biome) are studied more intensely. A focus on water (hydrological cycle), air (climate and weather) and land (formations and tectonics) are investigated with detailed projects and assignments that build the students’ understanding of the natural world.


English Courses(英語科目)

General English (総合英語)―Graded by level of proficiency

This course is designed for vocabulary building and increasing students’ ability to use increasingly difficult grammar patterns. Various topics are covered in the course. The focus is on how to discuss and express our ideas about issues; including acceptable techniques for agreeing and disagreeing with the opinions of others.


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